Episode Four

Chaz Hunt – Writer, Novelist and Cheyenne’s Awesome dad.

We’re Back! It was fathers-day this week so our guest is published writer Chaz Hunt, who is also Cheyenne’s dad. He shares the idea behind his novel, Above It All, as well as a screenplay that’s a work in progress, all while picking on his guitar. It truly was an honor to have him on our show and we want to say once again. Happy Fathers Day & Live Life Loud.
You can purchase Mr Hunt’s Book here

“A steamy beach read. Hunt’s debut novel will appeal to men and women alike. Sex, drugs and intrigue intertwine as Ian MacAran struggles to navigate life with the same precision he uses in the air. With surprising ups and downs, the always-entertaining story takes on a feeling much like the flights described in its pages. Ian, though flawed, proves to be a likable, sympathetic hero.” – Kirkus Reviews.

“Written well and filled with the life-or-death urgency sought in the action-adventure genre. A dark sense of humor may be the book’s strongest quality, as it enhances character interaction and dialogue. Hunt subtly reminds the reader not to take the events too seriously. He infuses his protagonists with a Bruce Willis style of acceptance, a mixture of funny sarcasm and calm reasoning. Three out of five stars.” – Julia Ann Charpentier, ForeWord Reviews

Ian MacAran and Sandra Taylor meet on a charter flight to Vegas and from the first ‘hello’ they seem destined to be together. That is, until Bernie Selleca sees them together on a date. Bernie is Sandra’s ex and Bernie begins to plan a very different future for the new couple. The first step of her gambit involves seducing Ian.

While powerful feelings for two talented, passionate women might seem like a recipe for disaster, the mistake that dooms them all is Ian’s agreement to make a ‘risk free’ flight to Mexico with a quirky student pilot. Soon Ian gets drawn into a maelstrom of duplicitous drug deals, murderous turf wars and insider trading. His choices twist and flicker like smoke in a cocaine-covered mirror. Everything Ian loves is in jeopardy, he has no idea who he can trust and he’s unwittingly become the key to an insane addict’s corporate takeover.

And then there’s Bernie.

From flight lessons to fire-fights and high finance, Above It All spins a tense tale of passion, betrayal and true love. Tangled feelings between pilot, lawyer and architect frame a romantic thriller that delivers suspense, humor and a love affair to stretch the boundaries of the genre.

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