Musical Guests

Episode Seventeen

The Revenue Man

Some people get trapped in their past, and some transcend it in ways you can sing along to. On 25 Years Behind, the debut release from The Revenue Man, Glenn Brown explores all the ways in which he’s sought escape velocity from his father’s shadow.

“The title track is about overcoming a father that died in prison and living to break the cycle, and succeed in spite of the circumstances,” Written at 2 AM for a songwriting challenge, the song is as heartbreaking as it is inspiring. Brown’s meditative chords flow beneath his assertion that “it’s time for the son to shine.”

Elsewhere, Glenn’s take on “Demons Get Me Down” is a catchy commitment to survival. Brown’s toe-tapping strumming propels the song forward as he sings “I’m gonna put up one hell of a fight so the demons won’t get me down.” His voice is solid and reassuring, yet an aching twang comes through now and then. Perhaps this is why Brown claims to sound like “a redneck Jason Mraz, an in-tune Jayhawks, or an ugly Shaky Graves.”

Brown doesn’t only write about his struggle to outrun his past, though. “Where I Was” is an instantly relatable breakup ballad about searching for the words to express complex emotions. “That dress looks great on you but I need breathing room,” Brown sings, describing the mixed emotions of being in love with someone you have to leave.

Born in The North East, living most of his life in California, schooled and repatriated to Tennessee, Brown has seen a lot of life through his music. His first instrument was the cello, giving him a fluency with a variety of instruments early on. He’s played and recorded with the likes of Beth Hart, and Sister Hazel. While he got his start making post punk and pop music, Brown always felt drawn to the authenticity of Americana. On 25 Years Behind, Brown’s acoustic guitar is front and center.

Brown has performed all around the US at venues including LA’s The Troubadour, DC’s The Roxy, and Nashville’s 3rd and Lindsey. He’s engaging enough to deliver compelling solo shows, but he’s also skilled enough to perform as part of a three-piece or four-piece band. 25 Years Behind is a new album from an old hand in music. Brown has stories that people want to hear, and he tells them poignantly.

25 Years Behind will be available everywhere digitally soon and on vinyl and cd soon after.

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